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Passion for research

Inspirans – the leading qualitative research agency in Finland

Our team consists of talented professionals complementing each other. We represent a diverse range of educational backgrounds and generations of researchers – from those who have worked in the field for decades to the new generation with the latest vision. Together, we achieve the deepest understanding.

Inspirans is part of the Taloustutkimus Group.

Get to know our top researchers

Managing director

Pirjo Ekman

Pirjo is the co-founder of Inspirans Oy with over 20 years of broad experience with qualitative research methods and tools as well as of consultative co-operation with very diverse clients from different industries. She is the expert when it comes to projects dealing with development of brands, concepts, products and services. Pirjo also has broad experience in facilitating workshops and in strategic work.

Sari Roth
Senior Insight Specialist

Sari Roth

Sari is an inspiring moderator and an elaborate analyst. She has a true passion for searching and discovering. Insight is her key word. Sari is a trained and legalized psychologist. Discovering people’s needs, values and motives and determining their influence on their decision making and behaviour is indeed in the very core of Sari’s expertise.

Malin Karlsson
Senior Insight specialist

Malin Karlsson

Malin addresses each research issue with reason and heart.  Service design and ethnographic research are Malin’s core skills. Malin is interested in new methods in qualitative research e.g combining neuro-measuring with in-depth insights.

Jutta Pekkarinen
Insight Manager

Jutta Pekkarinen

Jutta’s research skills are backed up by a solid understanding of business from her studies at the School of Business. With a sharp and analytical nature, she gets excited about each new discovery and enjoys problem solving. Jutta has a positive and cheerful attitude to work.

Insight specialist

Maria Hietikko

Maria has a degree in political science. Her education gives her an excellent foundation to observe and analyse everyday matters as part of larger societal phenomena and cultural entities. Maria’s obvious strength is logical thinking. She has an ability to structure and analyse qualitative data so that it becomes easy to understand and utilize. 

Noora Tiirola
Research Designer

Noora Tiirola

Noora has a degree in design. At Inspirans she works as service design specialist. She is particularly enthusiastic about developing customer experience with inclusive research methods. The cornerstones of Noora’s work are creative ideation and strong visual perception and knowhow. Creating impressive video reports is one of her special skills.

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